The Author

Admiral P. Kikareas PHD, CMAS, President of the World Foundation of Peace and Security, has devoted his life for peace and security among humanity. He has served for 38 years the NATO Alliance the USA and the Hellenic Navy from many operational strategic and project highest-level assignments. He was Director of Operational Planning and Readiness in the Supreme HQ's of NATO in Europe. The Project Manager, working with MITRE Corp., for the design of the First Naval C4 I System. He also was the creator of the Naval Automated Surveillance System and the first crisis management center during peace and war. During the Olympic Games in Athens 2004 was the Architect of the global security.

Admiral Kikareas now serves as President of the World Foundation for Peace & Security, a branch of Hellenic Aspis & Associates Inc. The mission of the World Foundation for Peace & Security is to assist countries in finding the best ways to build a safe, creative and prosperous environment for entire mankind to live in. He knows in Depth the different cultures, religions, historical issues that are still in the hearts of the nations and drive the World Stability. His assessments for crisis events were and are always in the center. He has written numerous of articles and press releases to the World Leaders and the World Population for a better planet to live on. He is a passionate Leader and Ambassador for Freedom, Peace and Security well known worldwide, and most respected by almost everyone. His articles are still in Google "kikareas", yahoo, and other major search engines. He is a proven by his long record of achievements a High Caliber Visionary who always see far ahead of the time. His mind is working on a different mode since he was a child, and his teacher said that to his father. This was true and helped him to be always first in his academic career and always distinguished during his entire career as a Flag Officer leaving behind on his records a long list of outstanding achievements.

Since God appeared to him, is leading him through his life for accomplishing different missions.

Until now he was not permitted by the Holy Spirit to write how God met him and how he is leading him. Now that we live in the apostasy and we are very close to the last days, he has been lead to spread the world of God and His messages given to him through the Holy Spirit, in order to help people change their lives and return to God.  

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